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Floris Nico Bunink, restless bopper advised by Bill Evans

Werner Herbers, in a piece translated from the original Dutch, published at Point of Departure:

And finally, there’s that eight-page handwritten memo from Bill Evans, which Nico described as “many pearls of wisdom.” Bunink was insecure about his musical background and Evans, seeing him as “a friend in need” wanted to put some courage into him. So he supplied Nico with a handwritten list of tips: music to listen to, things to know. Later, Nico claimed Evans had written it all out while on a break at the Village Vanguard in 1961. But in a 1979 note to Nico, Evans recalled writing it 15 years earlier – when both pianists were in California.

Here is the misspellings-and-all text, as best we can make it out: […]

Evans concludes the notes thus:

Be concerned with nothing but music. Take care of music and all other things will follow (such as recognition, work etc.)