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Brad Mehldau book

Brad Mehldau has an autobiographical book out called Formation: Building a Personal Canon, Part 1. From the blurb on Brad’s website:

The book creates a vibrantly-written portrait of the jazz world in New York in the late 1980s and early 1990s, showing how a generation of musicians met and sparked off one another to take the music in new directions, drawing on a wealth of influences but also keeping sight of tradition, including those rooted in both the jazz and classical worlds. The atmosphere of the clubs, the creative scene in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and Brad’s early experiences of touring are brilliantly brought to life. […]

I’ve been a fan of Brad’s music since I heard Largo in 2002. Other album favourites of mine are Elegiac Cycle (1999), Live in Tokyo (2002) and Day is Done (2006). I’ve listened to those recordings a lot!