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Tutorials tagged: “Altered scale”

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  • Bebop licks: ii-V7-i (2-5-1): minor key

    Some bebop licks for ii-V7-i cadences/chord progressions in the minor key, where the ii is a half-diminished (or minor 7 flat 5) chord.

    ii-V7-I in: D minor (184bpm) 2 • B minor (184bpm) • E minor (190bpm) • G minor (190bpm; lick from Keith Jarrett playing ‘Stella…’) • A minor (147bpm) • C minor (189bpm; lick from Bill Evans’ ‘Bill’s Hit Tune’) • A note about scales and chords

  • Bebop licks: ii-V7-I (2-5-1): major key →

    A collection of bebop licks over ii-V7-I cadences in the major key.

    ii-V7-I in: F major (198bpm) • F major (140bpm) • F major (200bpm) • E major (184bpm) • B flat major (236bpm) • E flat major (190bpm) • E flat major (Keith Jarrett) (164bpm)