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Tutorials tagged: “Diminished 7th chord”

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  • Bebop figure 2 →

    Another 16th-note bebop phrase.

    Includes three rhythmic variations on the original phrase (over a minor 7th chord) and versions that work over Phrygian and diminished 7th chords.

  • Bebop figure 1 →

    A 16th-note bebop phrase that works over a number of different chord types.

    Bebop figure 1 (works over major 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7th and Phrygian chords) • Variation 1 (minor sixth and half diminished chords) • Variation 2 (altering the figure) • A variation that works over diminished 7th chords • Exercise: putting it into practice in a tune (rhythm changes)