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Tutorials tagged: “Blues”

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  • Blues licks for piano 2

    Seven Eight more blues licks.

    Blues lick 7 (B minor/major, 120bpm) • Blues lick 8 (Eb minor/major, 140bpm) • Blues lick 9 (A minor, 120bpm) • Blues lick 10 (E major, 131bpm) • Blues lick 11 (F minor, 127bpm) • Blues lick 12 (D minor, 145bpm) • Blues/rock ’n’ roll lick 13 (E flat major, 158bpm) • Blues lick 14: blues ending (B flat major, 91bpm)

  • Funk groove 4 (12-bar blues)

    A funk groove over a twelve-bar blues in G major.

  • Blues licks for piano →

    A collection of blues licks for piano (electric or acoustic).

    Blues lick 1 (F major, 120bpm) • Blues lick 2 (B minor/major, 120bpm) • Blues lick 3 (B flat major, 121bpm) • Blues lick 4 (F major, 120bpm) • Blues lick 5 (F minor, 114bpm) • Blues/rock ’n’ roll lick 6 (D major, 119bpm) • Suggested listening

  • 12-bar jazz blues example

    A twelve-bar jazz blues in G major for solo piano (melody and walking bass), and a twelve-bar blues in E flat major (walking bass and right-hand comping patterns).