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Funk piano grooves

A collection of funky grooves for acoustic or electric piano.

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  • Funk groove 1 →

    A slow funk groove built around a ‘4-3’ bluesy double-stop.

    Includes an additional section, ‘Jamming on the fly: creating your own grooves’, demonstrating how to begin improvising your own grooves by starting simple. Mute my keyboard to jam along with the drums yourself.

  • Funk groove 2

    An up-tempo funk groove, with a focus on interplay between the hands.

  • Funk groove 3

    A medium tempo funk groove over A dominant 7.

    Includes a look at a Mixolydian ‘chord scale’ that is formed if we continue moving the groove’s main voicing up and down the dominant 7 scale.

  • Funk groove 4 (12-bar blues)

    A funk groove over a twelve-bar blues in G major.

  • Funk groove 5 →

    A minor-key funk groove featuring a couple of glissandos.

  • Funk groove 6

    A minor-key groove, built on moving a chord down the B Dorian scale.

    Plus an example of practising a ‘chord scale’ with a groove.

  • Funk groove 7

    A slow, eight-bar funk groove.

    Includes two recordings: acoustic piano and electric piano.